Brenda Brown

Brenda Brown

About Me

I qualified as a Diploma in Childcare in Scotland before moving to Australia with my young family 20 years ago. After 16 years working in Long Day Care Services, I secured employment with Parklands Community Preschool. I love Parklands Community Preschool and how it is such an inclusive, loving environment.

Qualifications: Associate Diploma
Experience: 6 Years in Preschool Education
Interests: Family and the Beach

Let me introduce myself

As an educator, I believe that each child should be welcomed as an individual. Each child should be given opportunities to thrive at their own pace in a loving and nurturing environment, which provides for them open-ended experiences in a play-based learning environment. I believe in the saying “It takes a village to raise a child” and that working alongside families and embracing their differences, will allow the child to thrive.

I have been qualified to work on early childhood education and care for 24 years. I have worked in many childcare settings, including nannying, before and after school care; long day care and now community preschool.

I have enjoyed amateur dramatics and I love Trivia Nights. I enjoy spending time with my 2 grown up sons and my husband.