Kerry Weir

Kerry Weir

About Me

I have been employed at Parklands Community Preschool since 1991 in the capacity of Early Childhood Teacher, under the Directorship of Nancy Wyllie.  In 1997 I was employed as the Director of the preschool after the beautiful Nancy Wyllie retired.

I have 2 boys of my own ( Jack 16 and Harry 13) who both attended Parklands Community Preschool.

Qualifications: Dip.Ed Macq. Uni Early Childhood
Experience: Since 1991
Interests: Reading and the Outdoors

Let me introduce myself

Working with young children and their families is such a rewarding profession. I have been an Early Childhood Teacher for over 20 years and I am dedicated to providing quality early education and care environments for young children. I have a strong interest and belief in play based learning in early education. Research supports play as the most effective way children can learn and develop so many of their emerging skills and concepts.

I believe every child has their own unique temperament and set of experiences and they are capable, curious participants in their learning journey.I encourage children to have a voice in regard to decisions and choices available to them and I am continuously amazed at how quickly young children absorb and interpret information from the world around them. I feel that it is important for children to develop a love of learning, respect for each other and the environment and experience positive relationships.

I have passion for children’s literature which is reflected in the vast Picture Book Library and Children’s Lending Library we have established at the Preschool. Good quality picture books with exciting and stimulating story lines will help to develop an interest in reading and storytelling and promote language and literacy skills. Sitting with a child sharing a beautiful story also helps develop positive personal relationships.

I believe that parents and families have the most knowledge about, and influence on, their child’s development. As such, I encourage our families to share information about their child and to contribute to our program with ideas for projects, interest areas and goals for their child.