Michelle Richards

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About Me

I cherish the opportunity I have been given to work at parklands Community Preschool. I am the mother of three wonderful adults who constantly teach me about all things now. I have a beautifully supportive family who encourage me to explore and challenge myself.

Qualifications: Diploma of Education - Early Childhood, Newcastle Uni
Experience: 30 years teaching
Interests: Reading Mystery Novels, family time, watching too much Netflix

Let me introduce myself

I believe that childhood is a magical time of everyone’s development and the wonder of the world and growth that occurs should be encouraged with enthusiasm and warmth.

I believe in providing high quality education that meets the emotional, physical, social and intellectual dispositions of each child. I respect the social and cultural identities of the children and families and I am committed to creating and maintaining a classroom atmosphere where everyone feels safe, secure, valued for their involvement and supported to explore their ideas and capabilities. The opportunities for young children to learn, create and build relationships are pivotal in their positive start to education.